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Palazzo Rainis Hotel & Spa

Experience the true luxurious essence of Istria

Palazzo Rainis Hotel & Spa will make your vacation take the next step. By reconstructing the early 19th century Villa Rainis, we have also redesigned the very essence of a luxury-hotel stay.

Get to know Palazzo Rainis Hotel & Spa

Located right on one of the most beautiful seas of the world, the Adriatic Sea, and on the most relaxing side of the charming city of Novigrad, choosing Palazzo Rainis means you have chosen the best venue the experience all the picks Istria has to offer. And, to your pleasure, there are many and we can't wait to share them with you!

A journey to remember

The true essence of gastronimical Istria

Our mission is to provide everything you need for your vacation to be among the best you will remember. Yours is to pay us a visit, wake up in the morning in your richly furnished room overlooking the sea, enjoy your breakfast of hand-picked Istrian delicacies, relax at our pool, beach or Spa and experience Croatian's peak of fine dining during dinner in our restaurant Chemistry, lead by one of the best chef's Tom Gretić.

Experience Istria

Rainis Hill Top Villa, your luxury countryside experience


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