Restaurant & bar

Restaurant & bar

31/01/2022 2023-04-06 10:41

Palazzo Rainis is inspired by the former Villa Rainis, which was built around 1900. The villa was named after the Rainis family who moved to Novigrad from Venice in the 19th century, and as Giovanni Rainis ran a pharmacy in Novigrad from 1857 to 1930, hence the inspiration for the name of the „Chemistry“ for the restaurant, as well as for „Potions“ for the bar.

Cooking is very much based on understanding chemical processes because the more we think about food and thermal processes, the more we realize that cooking is just another form of changing food through chemical formulas. And beside, we are sure you will feel the Chemistry once you try one of our menus.

The very concept of the cuisine we will be offering, will be based on local ingredients of course, but our mission will be to bring every dish to you in a way you have not tried before.

At our bar Potions, we will take the chemistry to a new level and show you how Croatian & Istrian wine, liquors and destillates can go side by side with some worldwide known brands. Our selection is carefully put in place to have the very best to offer.


07:00 – 11:00


12:00 – 16:00


19:00 – 22:00

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